Career Site Visit Partners

Interested in having your employer or business host a career site visit for DC teens?

We hear a lot about 21st century jobs requiring STEM for the new economy. The few programs for students already psyched about STEM do nothing for the masses who think STEM is too hard, only for nerds, or unrelated to the job they want. We piloted our new career exploration with STEM mentoring program to help unengaged teens see just how exciting STEM at work can be, and demonstrate how STEM is now part of every career imaginable!

Mentors, Inc. combines 30 years of research-based best practices mentoring with its new focus on career technical exploration, to not only improve student chances of graduating high school in a city with a 70% graduation rate, and enrolling in college in a city with a 29% or less rate, but also increase interest in STEM and STEM-careers.

This once in a lifetime opportunity for DC youth connects them directly with employers to learn about career variety, paths, education requirements, and employment opportunities -- with the benefit of having a one-on-one mentor. And in line with the Department of Education’s STEM 2026 recommendation, girls and minority students get to see women and minorities working as STEM professionals. 

Step up if you or your employer are ready to build the next workforce! Career site visits are just two-hours long, during the work day. You can also volunteer to be a mentor.  We salute you in advance.

--Contact Deirdre Bagley,