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Starting in 2017, Mentors, Inc. reinvented our program from a focus on matching students with the right mentor, to a focus on the one year (or more) mentoring experience.  Each mentoring year will engage students in career technical exploration, a variety of career site visits with STEM components that provide structure to the mentoring relationship, and expose our teens to how STEM connects with almost every 21st century job imaginable.

To believe in mentoring is to believe in a long-term success approach.  Your gift will enable more students to have the positive influence of a mentor in their lives, and now, career exploration with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and match) exposure.   Our students succeed because you care.  Thank you for your support.

Students with mentors are more likely to have positive outcomes, like graduating from high school and continuing on to college -- which is great for all of us! Your gift this season will enable many more D.C. students to have the positive influence of a mentor in their lives, and our mentored students continue their tradition of achievement:

  • At least 90% of our seniors graduate from high school compared to 70% of their D.C. peers.
  • At least 80% of our graduates enroll in post-secondary education, compared to 29% in D.C. 
  • Our 8th graders are more likely to make it through the 9th grade high school transition than their peers locally and nationally.  
  • NEW! Our students gain career and STEM exploration, which research shows increases STEM interest and school performance.

Mentoring works.  You can help!  As always, may your gifts to others return to you in abundance.

When you give money to Mentors, Inc. (which you can do using the DONATE button) you are investing in the lives of D.C. youth.  Your support enables us to serve the many students who come to us seeking the guidance of a mentor.  We do not charge our teens or their mentors a fee to participate in our program; instead, we raise funds year round to make mentoring and support services available at no cost to them.  

Find ways to give:

Workplace Giving:  Mentors, Inc. is a proud participant of both United Way and Combined Federal Campaigns. You can choose to designate Mentors, Inc. as the recipient: United Way 8328/CFC 98400.

Matching Gifts:  If you are employed by, retired from, or a board member of a business or organization with a matching gift program, you may be able to double your donation to Mentors, Inc.  Please forward the appropriate paperwork to Mentors, Inc. so that we may follow up on your behalf.

In-Kind Donations:  Mentors, Inc. welcomes the donation of products and services such as event tickets that we can use to enable pairs to experience cultural, educational and fun events, office items such as laptop computers, PDAs or furniture to support operations, "off to college" gifts for our graduates, or adopt a family commitments for the holidays.  Such gifts offset various costs and often help us conduct our business more effectively. Mentors, Inc. can provide documentation for in-kind contributions to ensure that the donor receives appropriate tax benefits.

Donations of Stock or Other Assets:  These donations provide the donor with additional tax advantages.  For more information, please speak with your financial advisor.


Looking to get your organization involved in a substantive way?  Consider these examples for making a contribution, or suggest your own way to help Mentors, Inc. change students’ lives.  Let us help you count the ways:

  1. Host informational sessions to build a mentor corps among your employees
  2. Host a fundraising breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour for your colleagues and friends
  3. Commit to several years of fund collection at the holidays
  4. Let us place a free ad in your newsletter, magazine, or web page to recruit mentors
  5. Offer your restaurant or space for a Mentors, Inc. event
  6. Host career day demonstrations at your workplace
  7. Provide pro-bono professional services around technology, social networking, public relations/marketing, accounting, or other area of need
  8. Sponsor a social event, college tour, or named scholarship
  9. Adopt-a-school/class of 15 or more students for one year
  10. Make a financial donation