Welcome to Mentors, Inc., Mentors!

Mentoring is one of the best ways to support your community. By helping a young person succeed, you are creating a brighter future for all of us and will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life. You will discover and rediscover parts of yourself that you didn’t know existed, learn how much you have to give, and have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping a teen on a path to a positive future. 


  • Be at least 21 years old and have completed high school or the equivalent
  • Be employed, retired, or engaged in academic studies at an accredited institution
  • Be motivated and committed to participate in the mentoring relationship for at least one year
  • Be willing and able to guide a student through and participate in their Mentoring Road Map plan focused on academic, college, career, and personal development
  • Be enthusiastic about making a difference in the life of a DC student 

What to Expect

You’ll agree to the mentoring program rules:

  • Communicate with your protégé weekly
  • Spend face-to-face time with your protégé at least 5-8 hours each month
  • Report and check in with staff monthly to share how the relationship and Mentoring Road Map are progressing
  • Participate in the Mentoring Road Map (see Resource document below) enrichment activities around academic planning, exploration of college and career, and personal development as the focus of your mentoring journey with your protege 
  • Help your protégé graduate from high school and have a plan for what comes next!

After thorough screening, orientation and training are complete, we will match you with a student based on your professional and career interests, personalities, and preferences, and invite you to a match party with other new matches to meet your new protégé for the first time!  The mentor, student and parent or guardian are invited to meet in a group setting where they will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one, talk about goals and expectations, and plan out and schedule the first year of Mentoring Road Map activities. 

As a mentor in our program, you will have other resources to help you get the most out of the experience, and help your protégé do the same.

  • New Match Training:  The first match outing with your protege will be the New Match Training, to help you and your protege complete the Mentoring Road Map plan, and learn about creating a quality match relationship.
  • In-Service Trainings:  Ongoing training is offered quarterly throughout the year on topics chosen from monthly supervision call feedback from mentors. These trainings also present an opportunity for mentors to share their mentoring experiences and lessons with each other.
  • Mentoring Road Map Events:  We'll host career site visits and college tours, train you on academic monitoring, and make suggestions for personal development, all to help fill out your Mentoring Road Map for the year.  You will also be assigned to a Tribe Adventure group, a group of matches that have an outing together each year.
  • Social Outings:  You and your protégé design your own activities together around the Mentoring Road Map, but we also host a few social events throughout the year.  Most are free!
  • Event Tickets:  We receive donated tickets for Wizards games, Wolf Trap, and other surprises.  Be on the lookout for email alerts for these first come-first served opportunities.
  • Graduation Party: Each year we host a May Graduation Celebration for graduating seniors. Mentors and non-graduating protégés are also invited to the party to celebrate and anticipate the upcoming milestone for their own lives.
  • Ambassadorships:  You can volunteer in other ways, such as leading skill based/subject matter trainings for students or mentors, attending our trainings or recruitment sessions as in-house expert, or being a chaperone at our career site visits or college tours.

When you’re ready*, contact, to find out our recruiting program, and how you can get started. 

*NOTE: Mentoring a teen requires a commitment that major life transitions can interfere with.  We encourage you to apply later if you are in, or about to be in, major life transitions such as marriage, divorce, new parenting, new job, preparing for major professional exams, applying for graduate school, moving out of the area or country, or other major changes that make you unable to predict your availability or attention.  Ask us if you're not clear about your ability to commit to at least one year in the program.