Mentors FAQ

Q1: What is Mentors, Inc.?
Mentors, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that pairs high school students in the District of Columbia Pubic School (DCPS) system (protégés) with trained adult volunteers (mentors) in one-on-one relationships.  We are community based, which means mentoring happens in the community (not in schools) and can be scheduled outside of working hours.

Q2:  What is the Mission of Mentors, Inc.?
To promote the personal, academic, and career development of young adults enrolled in the District of Columbia’s public high schools, through structured and enriched mentoring relationships with caring adult volunteers.

Q3:  What do we seek to achieve?

Our main objective is to have our students graduate from high school and have a plan for post-graduation.  We promote college and design conversations and activities around college aspirations, exploration, and enrollment, and our mentors do the same.

Q4:  How are the mentors selected?
Mentors, Inc. recruits mentors from businesses, community organizations, local and federal government agencies, civic associations, and other interested groups.  We also gain many volunteers through the recommendation of someone who has already been a volunteer in our program.  Last, volunteers find us listed on many volunteer web sites.

Q5:  Are there any requirements to be a mentor?
Yes, mentors must:

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have earned a high school diploma
  • Commit to spending at least five hours a month with their protégé and contact that student each week by phone or email

Q6:  How are the students selected?
Mentors, Inc. works with D.C. Public High Schools and Charter Schools to identify students who are interested in having a mentor.  We recruit students directly in high school classrooms and through some government agencies or community organizations; and some students are referred to us by previous students in our program.  Students must apply, attend an orientation session with their parent or guardian, and participate in an interview where they show motivation to commit to at least one year in the relationship.

Q7:  Does Mentors, Inc. offer any other services besides mentoring?
Yes, in addition to recruiting, training and matching mentors with students, Mentors Inc. structures the mentoring relationship around our Mentoring Road Map:

  • Academic monitoring and guidance
  • College exploration
  • Career exploration, and competitive college scholarships
  • Personal development and social event tickets

EMAIL: for more info on how to become a mentor!