LGBTQ Mentoring Kickoff!

LGBTQ Mentoring in DC -- It's About Time!

In January 2014, Mentors, Inc. held its first mentor recruitment event for prospective LGBTQ mentor volunteers at The DC Center for the LGBT Community, at the invitation of The DC Center and its Youth Working Group, and the DC Concerns Coalition (a group of about 16 agencies sharing resources and programs for youth in D.C.).  The Coalition believes D.C. LGBTQ teens are ready to be served by an organization focused on their unique needs, and Mentors, Inc. was invited to be the provider.

Continuing the research-based, best-practices mentoring approach since 1987, Mentors, Inc. will work with the Coalition and other resources to provide a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTQ teens, educate on LGBTQ teen issues for the most effective mentoring, and recruit LGBTQ teens through Coalition agencies and through high school advocacy groups.

For LGBTQ mentor recruitment, contact Furqan Khaldun at or 202-495-3762; or for student recruitment contact Rameka Blakey at or 202-495-3761.  Learn more about The DC Center, and the facts about LGBT Youth in the District of Columbia.